Piazza Galena Center

Competition (ROME CONCRETE POETRY HALL ). The participants are tasked with constructing a multipurpose space within the specified boundaries of the site where concrete will be the main building material. The organizers recommend participants to expand the standard boundaries of the application of this universal material and use all innovative possibilities of concrete. This material should also be used to form the internal space of the structure.

The site chosen for the building of “Concrete Poetry” in Rome, is located in the Piazza Galeno on the Boulevard of Queen Margarita. The area is surrounded by tramways, and also intersected by them, so the participants must observe the established restrictions on the height and size of the structure, as well as take into account the historical and architectural context of the area.

Since there are competitive restrictions on the size and height of the building, our project is completely underground. We made a pedestrian crossing which helps to cross tram tracks. The multifunctional hall is quite versatile and is suitable for carrying out a wide range of activities: from presentations and conferences to exhibitions and theatrical productions. The hall is covered by a spatial reinforced concrete structure. The design has modern caissons. The roof of the hall has sliding tent constructions.