Master plan city of Derbent

The concept of related development of the coastal territory in the model of the spatial development of the city district Derbent city – life-resistant city.The linear park along the Derbent embankment is considered to form an indivisible continuum. One of the key tasks of the Derbent embankment is socio-cultural programming. The concept of interrelated development of the coastal territory provides for a balanced program, a quality improvement project, as well as the detection and preservation of identities, which should form a different quality of life in the city.Such an environment will help to spend more time in such place, particularly walking. Walking and involvement in an active social life increase working capacity, prolong life and most importantly, improve mental and psychological consequences of people. In each functional zone, an element of wildlife with the principles of “natural urbanism” (Wild Urbanism) is assumed. By means of landscape design in the center of Derbent all beauty of the Dagestan nature will be presented. At the same time, historical monuments and new structures will be built to enrich the embankment with cultural and educational events at any time of the year.