Gift boxes

Shopping center “gift boxes”

We make a lot of purchases and give them to your loved ones. The gift is a mood, a gift in a box is a surprise. The complex is reminiscent of boxes with gifts.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union architecture Makhachkala greatly degraded. The project involves the demolition of the old main shopping complex. The five-storey volume with dimensions of 38 mx 32 m, consists of a rectangular volume. The complex has an atrium and 3 underground floors with a lift system equipped park. Vertical communication is done with the help of 6 lifts and two ladder units. The complex is equipped with various zony- business, entertainment, exhibition, restaurant, children.
Blocks resemble familiar to locals terraced building. The roof of each unit is a further terrace floor. Volume faced local limestone and structural glazing. Each box hollowed brand name.