BIM for architect

The BIM for architects course is designed for professionals professionally involved in design in the field of architecture, construction and interior design, as well as for students studying the basics of design and design in architectural, art and construction universities. Training takes place in ARCHICAD 26.

The course “BIM for architects” allows you to go through all the stages of design from an idea to creating a model of an architectural object and forming a complete package of design documentation.

As a result of training, the skill is fixed to use the program resources most effectively. After training, everyone will be able to fully complete simple projects, simulate in 3D, draw drawings, compose albums, tablets, print project documentation and convert project files to other applications.

The course is necessary for those who first get acquainted with the program, do not have drawing skills and knowledge in the field of architecture and construction. Also, this course will be useful to those who previously used the program, but are not sure of the quality of their skills and are not ready to start solving complex problems.

Throughout the course, you will develop an educational project for an individual residential building.

At the end of the course you will receive an international certificate GRAPHISOFT.

Students of the BIM for architects courses will have access to the educational version of ARCHICAD 25. The license is valid for a year.

Training program

  • Tools features (In this section, we will consider the main features of ArchiCAD system tools, such as WALL, WINDOW, DOOR, MORPH. SHELL, etc.).
  • Editing settings (In this block, examples of project navigation, principles of working with drawing tools LINE, TEXT, POLYLINES, etc., as well as the logic of applying these skills to three-dimensional modeling in ArchiCAD, will be analyzed).
  • Navigation Settings (By looking at this block, you will find out why each tab of the NAVIGATOR is needed, namely, what functions the PROJECT MAP, SPECIAL MAP, LAYOUT BOOK and PUBLISHER KITs carry. In addition, you will learn how to publish the project and how to set up the WORK and ENVIRONMENT of the project).
  • Search for a planning solution (This is the introductory block in which you will create a basic layout of the future building using ZONES, OBJECTS and drawing tools).
  • Creating a building box (In this block we will create a fundamental model of the building using the tools of 3D – modeling ArchiCAD).
  • Work with the volume of the building (This block will search for volumetric solutions, taking into account the structural and stylistic features of the building).
  • Detailing the model (In this block, we will continue to work with our model, we will fill the project with smaller details and engage in variant design).
  • Project design (In this block we will create the simplest visualization, design and publish the project).
  • Constructive and engineering solutions
  • The course is designed for 20 hours. It takes place individually and online.

Graduation Document

After completing the course, you will receive our certificate.

The cost of training is 60,000 rubles That wording has given some proceed to these guys lawmakers and school lobbyists pause.